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Stump grinding is a great option to consider when you want to open up opportunities for your outdoor space. DeVos Tree Care hopes to give you an estimate as to what it would cost to get rid of that stump.

A quick preface before jumping into pricing, not all stumps can be ground out, for a complete list of those scenarios, skip to the bottom of this page.

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As one can well imagine, the larger the stump the more impact the price. While there are factors other than size that affect stump grinding prices, size is the main variable.
11″ or less (up to size of dinner plate)$190-$250
12″ to 23″ (approx. size of extra large pizza)$230-$330
24″ to 35″ (approx. size of car tire)$310-$410
36″ to 47″ (approx. industrial truck tire)$390-$490
48″ to 60″ (approx. size of “kiddie” pool)$460-$720

Note: In cases, where more than one stump is being considered, add up the diameter of each trunk and insert the total into the chart above to help determine stump grinding cost.


Below is a list of a few impediments, in some cases the impediments are so great that the stump cannot be ground out, no matter how specialized the stump grinder is.
stump grinder
This is what a typical stump grinder looks like. You can our stump grinder in action by taking a look at one of our Facebook post. Just by looking at it this help you understand what a stump grinder can and cannot do:
1. Stairs – This machine cannot go up and down stairs.
2. Narrow passageways – Most commercial stump grinders need a minimum of 31″ width of access to get to the stump. If you don’t have access to a tape measure, try using your actual feet (shoes on) to measure the access. Most people should be able to do 3 steps heel-to-toe at the narrowest access point without obstruction. If you find it is close, you may just need to pull out a measuring tape to get precise.
3. Proximity to fences, concrete, metal stakes, and structures – A stump grinder is only intended to grind stumps therefore they cannot grind within 1-2 inches of any objects or structures. This includes, but is not limited to, buildings, metal stakes, concrete, asphalt, and fence posts.
It should also be noted that stump grinding is about grinding out stumps, not roots.  While some surface level roots can be ground out, the root system is far too vast to grind it out entirely.

Most stump grinders will grind about 6′-10′ below ground. This means that there is still a stump below ground but it would be invisible to the eye. Grass and small plants can grow over the site of a grinded stump, but medium to large plants/trees are not recommended.

All of these things need to be taken in to consideration for proper stump grinding cost to be calculated as variables can change cost.

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