Top 5 ways to keep your trees healthy

  • 1. Treat the bark like its your skin?

In other words, avoid punctures, bruises, or lacerations as much as possible. Lawn mowers, aerators, weed whackers, are notorious for damaging trees. Some trees with thinner bark such as birch and sycamore are more sensitive to such activities.  So keep trees healthy and learn exactly what they need.  Also look at how the Emerald Ash Borer has impacted local ash trees.

  • 2. Mulch is to a tree as hay is to newborn calf

Can’t get a cozier bed for a tree to rest upon than mulch. Historically trees grew in forests where organic decaying matter was in large supply. Mulch also reduces soil compaction enabling better nutrient uptake. Also, it prevents problems associated with tip #1 by creating a natural barrier between grass and tree.

  • Avoid mulch with dyes
  • Thick is good, at least 3 inches. The wider the area covered the better.
  • Do NOT allow thick layer to rest against tree trunk.
Healthy Trees
  • 3. You can’t lead a tree to water but you can make it drink

Water during seasons of drought. This is the easiest thing you could do for your trees but we so easily forget this. Summers are tough on trees, especially for urban trees as concrete, asphalt, and pollution from cars and factories all add stress to trees.  So keep in mind how this keep trees healthy.

  • 4. No tree is an island — plant more!

Trees share knowledge and nutrients via myccorizal networks. Think of these networks as highways and along these highways information and nutrients are shared in between trees. Information such as how to defend against pests and how to more efficiently absorb nutrients. Still curious, check out this TED talk

Best practices in the industry is a certification with the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). To find out if a person is certified through the ISA, check out this website and type in the person’s first and last name.  These specialists seek to keep trees healthy.

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