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Tree cutting is done properly by a professional ISA certified arborist who is insured such as DeVos Tree Care.  Just like the using the proper tool for a job makes the difference how the job is accomplished, it works the same way for tree cutting.

Tree cutting in Hamilton and the near by community is what we do, trust us – it’s something that you want to leave to professionals.  We take great pride in the work we do and leave positive impressions with all our past clients as you will discover by looking through our reviews. All possible precautions are taken to ensure that we are as safe as possible throughout the whole process to give you and ourselves peace of mind.


The public often overlook the risks associated with cutting trees and find themselves in bad situations which could have been entirely avoided.  These bad situations can compromise property, the health of others or the tree cutter themselves and even go as far as risking lives.

Risks such as being struck by a part of the tree, falling, electrical shock, or even being hit by equipment are just some of the major risks.  Other risks can include having limbs cut, eye damage, scrapes, cuts, bruises, or even stings from insects. 

Do yourself a favor and avoid these risks by contacting an arborist by giving us a call or emailing.  Also, get a free  no-obligation quote simply by filling out some basic information.


  • DeVos Tree Care provided a great service. We had a large leaning tree we wanted taken down. Aaron was able to quote quickly once we called him and the work was scheduled pretty soon after. Aaron and his team were quick and efficient with the removal and our backyard looks great! Highly recommended.
  • DeVos Tree Care was fantastic to deal with. They were quick to respond, on time to show up and professional while working. They cleaned up the mess and were quickly on their way. Other than the giant tree missing out of my yard, you wouldn't have been able to tell that they had even come. A great lo... Read More
  • We used DeVos 🌲 care for a consultation on the backyard of our new house as we tried to understand the best method of care and what needed to be done. Aaron was VERY thorough both educating on the trees themselves and explaining what would be needed or what would help including offering DIY solu... Read More
  • Highly recommend Aaron and his team. They are quick to respond, efficient and professional. They also clean up post cut very well. We have used them 3 times already. Such a great benefit using a locally owned and run company.


Keep your life simple.  DeVos Tree Care understand how it can be a daunting process for first timers who want a solution to their tree issue as quickly as possible.  We would be glad to answer any questions you may have which is not in our FAQ.


Monday – Saturday
8am – 5pm


1429 Main St E
Hamilton, ON

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