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DeVos Tree Care doesn’t believe that you should be left guessing how much it costs to get your tree pruned. Knowledge is power after all. Which is why we created this short article to help you understand pricing for getting your tree pruned.

I won’t lie, it is pretty hard to create a price guide for tree pruning and here is why:

The end result of removing a tree is removing the tree. The end result of removing a stump is; no more stump. The end result of pruning a tree is diverse.

Some of the end results we hear from homeowners are: Sunlight. Safety. Eavestrough drainage. Sun around the pool. Looks. The neighbour does not like the leaves. Extend the life of shingles. Fruit production. Remove a pest. General health. Prevent animals from accessing a roof. Reduce sap falling on a car. Obstructing with communication lines, hydro lines, clothes lines. Make room for another tree. The list goes on and on. Each reason has varying levels of difficulty and therefore price. Maybe.

Ultimately though, there are 5 overarching factors that determine the tree pruning cost.

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Ultimately though, there are 5 overarching factors that determine the tree pruning cost.

5 Factors for determining price

If you have had a look at our page on tree removal cost then you will already know 4 of the 5 factors (listed in no particular order).
1. Location

Where on the property is the tree located (ie. Backyard/frontyard) and is there anything else located underneath the tree (ie. Fence, playground, pool)?

2. Height

Pretty self-explanatory. Is the tree short, medium, or tall?

3. Species

Some species are harder to work with than others. Once again, see section on tree removal for a list of which trees are harder to work with than others.

4. Risk

Is the tree hazardous for us as arborists to be working on? This may require extra precautions to be made.

5. Extent

This factor is unique to the topic of tree pruning: To what extent is the tree being pruned?

Are some small branches flapping up against a window when the wind blows or is there a large branch with a cavity in it? In other words, is 1% of the canopy being pruned or 25%?

Mild Prune (less than 5% of canopy pruned out)Medium Prune (5%-19% of canopy pruned out)Hard Prune (20%-30% of canopy pruned out)
Few pieces of deadwoodDeadwood in multiple locations in canopyRemoving one or more major limbs from the tree
A few small branches close to house/garage/driveway/etc.Pruning off a few larger branches too close to buildings, fences, other trees, etc.Significant pruning to allow more light and air circulation.
Remove a few low branchesElevate the lowest branches considerably


NOTE: We do not recommend removing more than 30% of the canopy as this may adversly affect the tree with the exception of special scenarios.


Let?s share how we often have priced pruning trees in these three categories.
Mild Pruned BranchTypically a mild prune (less than 5% of canopy) will usually cost between $300-$700. This could be a couple low branches that are too close to the house or it may be a single branch that is caught up in the tree overtop of your house, but it is 60′ up in the air?
Medium Pruned BranchA medium prune (5%-19% of canopy) may involve us working in a few locations throughout the tree. It could also mean that we are working in only one section of the tree but multiple branches are being removed. These situations usually run between $500 and $1,100.
Hard Pruned BranchA Hard prune (20%-30% of canopy) when it comes to medium to large trees usually falls in the neighbourhood of $700 and $2,000. Oftentimes this is done because a homeowner wants to increase sunlight as much as possible or there are some large branches that pose a risk.
There are always outliers to all these scenarios, but these prices should help you get in the ballpark for tree pruning cost.

We hope you have found this article helpful as you map your next steps in caring for your trees.

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