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At DeVos Tree Care we have had many people ask us, “How much does it cost for tree removal?”.  In as simple of terms as possible, we would like to address that question.

Our aim here is to be transparent by giving you important details so you can be fully educated when dealing with a tree service company.

Let’s start by talking about 4 universal factors that all tree service providers will take into consideration before determining a price.  Failure for a tree service provider to understand these factors could pose problems for the company as well as the homeowner.  Each company may interpret the difficulty level associated with them differently, but nonetheless they will take these into consideration.

These four factors are: Height, Location, Width of Tree, and Condition.


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The more you can understand these four factors related to your tree the easier it is to understand how price is determined.

Keep a mental note of where your tree fits in on these factors as it will come in handy shortly when we talk pricing.


1. Height

Height is the go-to adjective that customers use when describing their tree. An important one at that. But, what justifies a big tree? So that we can all speak the same language, we created this simple diagram.

Small HouseMedium HouseLarge House

Rank 1

Rank 2

Rank 3

Smaller than a 1.5 story house.Smaller than a 2.5 Story HouseGreater than a 2.5 Story House

A large tree vs. a small tree will generally cost more, but not always, which brings us to the next factor.

2. Location

Where on the property is the tree located? Back yard or front yard? In addition, think of absolutely everything that is located underneath the tree (ie. shed, fence, pool, house, deck, playground, garden, hydro, etc.). The more things under the tree, the more challenging to complete the work.

3 Houses Location Variable
Tree Rank 1
Tree Rank 2
Tree Rank 3


3. Width of Tree

Believe it or not, the diameter of a tree oftentimes contributes more to increasing the price point than the height of a tree.  This is because wider diameter trees oftentimes results in needing larger equipment to move the tree.  Larger equipment equals more overhead cost.  In some situations equipment cannot get into the property which further adds to the complexity.


Rank 1: Tree is less than the width of a person’s head.
Head width to measure tree
Rank 2: Tree is less than the width of a person’s shoulder.
Shoulder width to measure tree
Rank 3: Tree is less than the width of elbows outstretched.
Elbow width to measure tree
Rank 4: Tree is nearly as long as arms outstretched.
Arm length to measure tree
4. Condition of the Tree

Is the tree dead or alive?  Are there cracks or cavities in the tree?  Are there any mushrooms present?  Is the tree on a bad lean?  These are a few things to consider when weighing the health of the tree.

A tree in poor condition requires precise planning and execution for the safety of everything and everyone involved.

Rank 1Rank 2Rank 3
Tree has some dieback at the ends of the branches.Significantly large branches are dead, potentially some cavities or missing bark.  Could have a minor lean.Could include large cavities in the tree, mushrooms present, and/or bark is missing in large sections of the tree.  Could have a minor to significant lean.


Now that you have a rough understanding of where your tree ranks on each of these factors you can add them up and that will give you an overall technical rating for your tree. 

We do acknowledge that there is some subjectivity involved in doing this.  Do your best and in the end it should still give you a rough idea of the overall rating for your tree.  

Now that you know your tree’s overall rating you can get an approximate cost for removing your tree.  



Trees that rank low or very high are quite uncommon for us to work on. Most commonly, we are called to look at trees that rank in the 8-9 range.   

Hopefully this gives you a little bit of a ballpark range, if the price for your scenario is still unclear then feel free to submit a video through our contact us page and we can discuss your tree.

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We aim to keep your life simple.? We understand how it can be a daunting process for first timers who want a solution to their issue as quickly as possible.? Have a look at our FAQ or send us an email!? We would be glad to answer any questions you may have.


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