The world of arboriculture is an expansive one.  It is a world that is experiencing ever and ever demands to grow and evolve, just as our cities grow and evolve.  That puts us at odds everyday with the built environment.

How do we grow healthy trees when we contest with salt, pollution, poor soil quality/quantity, heat, compacted soil, poor drainage, etc. etc. etc?

How do we prune a tree to make sure that the homes underneath them are safe?  How can we communicate it in such a way that the client has a peace of mind as they sit in their backyard watching their children/grandchildren play?

What kind of policy’s and bylaws should be implemented to ensure that the overall neighbourhood canopy is healthy for future generations?

How do we remove a hazardous tree when there is limited access with equipment?

A diverse set of questions for sure.  No arborist can answer these questions alone, which is why there are many career streams that can be taken.

That helps explain why there are so many different kinds of arborists and here are just a few:

-Plant Health Care Specialists

-Consulting Arborists

-Climbing Arborists

-Municipal Arborists

-Utility Arborists

Many of these more hands on learning opportunities can be pursued through college apprenticeship programs (most notably Humber and Fleming). 

At DeVos Tree Care, where we make our living by working IN the canopy.

No two trees are the same, nor are the properties they are located in

This keeps us on our toes daily as we are constantly interacting with new clients and new trees. It’s a thrilling job that enables us opportunity after opportunity to get better at taking care of clients and trees.

If any of this sounds at all interesting, we invite you call us at 905-516-4407.  Or you can even drop us an email at

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