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Tree service in Hamilton is what DeVos Tree Care does best.? What separates us from another tree service is our experience and attention to detail.? We are ISA certified which means that we are not just qualified for the job, we actually are certified to do the work which your property requires.? We pride ourselves on our work and that we’re personable, actually care for the local environment and are quite passionate about trees (see our arborist blog!)

Tree Service Hamilton

We are highly knowledgeable with local tree bylaws and can provide you with answers to questions that other companies may not fully understand.? We understand that communication is vital to making this process as painless as possible, and by that you can count on us replying to your emails, texts and answering your calls diligently!? These?are just one of the many examples as to not go with a Kijiji tree removal option.? Tree removal requires professionals who are certified, so check out our tree service Hamilton!


We have noticed that other tree services in Hamilton may not have good reviews due to that their workers may not minimize their footprint on the property.? An example of this is seen in many reviews with comments saying that the company did not clean up, or that the process was highly invasive.? We understand these issues so much that we take extra precautions throughout the process to provide excellent customer care.? After all, a tree service should not just come and do their job, they should ensure that when the job is the property is in good shape.

Discover and experience for yourselves why we?ve received unsolicited positive reviews from our customers. ?

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  • Aaron and his team were great on coming out quickly to my tree’s cracked climbs. Not once, but twice due to storms in one week. They handle it efficiently and with speed. The clean up was excellent. The team were polite and friendly. Thank you DeVos Tree Care! Sincerely, Diane Williams
  • I would like to thank Aaron for guiding through details of removing what was left of my trees! The 4 guys he sent over were great and the work they did was awesome! Aaron you should be vary proud of your team!
  • After a quick consult with Reddit, we decided to try DeVos Tree Care to have half of our Manitoba Maple removed from our backyard. TL;DR - They are excellent. Make DeVos your go-to for tree care. Starting with the transparency on their website towards their process and how they price the work, to ... Read More
  • Aaron (the owner) visited with us as we reviewed to work we wished to have done. Aaron spent time explaining the tree pruning / trimming process. A week later two of his employees (Eric - from Ireland) and James attended at our premises and again, reviewed with us the work to be done and offered som... Read More


Keep your life simple.? DeVos Tree Care understand how it can be a daunting process for first timers who want a solution to their tree issue as quickly as possible.? We would be glad to answer any questions you may have which is not in our FAQ.


Monday – Saturday
8am – 5pm


1429 Main St E
Hamilton, ON


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