At DeVos Tree Care we have 3 guiding values that serve us well to uphold a professional, safe, and courteous culture in our company. They guide everything from how we speak with customers over the phone, to how the team interacts with one another, and how we see a job through to completion.

1. Caring for People and Trees

We love working with people and trees. The joy of our job is that we get to meet so many people and help them with their trees.

It is a humbling job.

There are very few things in this world that carry as much generational sentiment as trees do.

We hear the stories regularly, “My grandfather planted this in 1965.” “The neighbourhood kids use to come by our house all the time to play on this tire swing.” “We planted this tree to commemorate the birth of our daughter.”

We see our occupation as a beautiful bridge between the care of people and that of trees.

Discerning with homeowners the best course of action is a role we take seriously.

This desire to care deeply for trees and people leads us to want to grow in our knowledge of working with people and trees so we can perform our work to the highest degree.

2. Exceed Expectations

We want to raise the bar for expectations for our industry, staff, and clients.

We believe we live at incredible times in our industry.

We live at a time when our cities are getting larger and larger and our trees are at an ever greater risk of getting squeezed out.

We are far more than just tree cutters, our industry shapes our cities in profound ways and so we want to go above and beyond to ensure that we are leaving a markedly beneficial impact on our cities.

We don’t just cut trees; we shape them, plant them, ensure their survivability in all kinds of weather and environmental conditions.

3. Better before Bigger

There is a constant temptation in our industry to grow, grow, grow.

More powerful tools, bigger trucks, more staff, more property, more money, etc. etc. etc.

We believe this is a dangerous guiding light for us at DeVos Tree Care.

Our decisions are made on the basis of asking ourselves, “what would help make us do our jobs better?”.

Such statements inspire us to learn more.

To lean on the skills of those in our team better.

To invest in training.

To re-evaluate our purchases to ensure that they contribute to making us better.

This trains us to invest in safety of our staff.

Tree work is incredibly dangerous, by many estimates, it is the most dangerous profession in North America, if we don’t strive to do our job better than someone could get hurt.

If we don’t strive to our job better, then we lose our focus on caring for our staff and our clients.

Our staff and our clients are the bedrock of our business.

Caring for this is paramount to any prospective opportunities to grow.

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Video Assessment

This may be right for you if one or more of the following apply:

Time is of the essence.
Scale of the project is small to medium.
If you're trying to gauge the price of the project.
There's something going on with your tree but aren't sure if you should be concerned about it.

Onsite Assessment

This may be right for you if one or more of the following apply:

Scope of the project is large
High level of intricacy and complexity
Multiple stakeholders (i.e. neighbours, tenant, landlord, property manager).
You want that extra level of personal care (we enjoy it too😉)

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